Is Offline Seminar Marketing Dead

Is offline seminar marketing dead? This is a question many advisors are asking with greater frequency.

With the increased use of social media, blogging, and webinars to prospect it’s no wonder advisors are asking this.

In short — No. Offline seminar marketing is not dead.

Offline seminar marketing still works well for attracting and getting appointments with qualified prospects. That is — if it’s done right.

Here are 7 reasons why offline seminar marketing is still an effective client-getting strategy:

1.  Display Your Personality

Offline seminars give you an opportunity to establish a relationship with your prospects. It allows them to “kick the tires” on you. In other words, to decide if they like and trust you.

2.  Seminar Environment

The seminar environment lowers your prospect’s defensive barriers. This allows you to communicate and teach your solutions to them with less interference or resistance.

3.  Cuts Through Clutter

Direct-Mail trumps online marketing at reaching your target clients and keeping their attention. Part of the reason for this is due to the noise and likelihood of distraction in the online environment.

4.  One-To-Many Selling

This allows you to communicate with many prospects at the same time. This is much more efficient than speaking with prospects one-to-one.

5.  Social Proof

When prospects see others attending your seminar it adds social proof.

6.  Positioning

Positions you as an expert.

7.  Qualifies Prospects

You attract only qualified prospects. This allows you to spend your energy, time, and money on the best prospects.

I recommend using a combination of media to market and grow your practice. These include: offline seminar marketing, webinars, social media marketing, podcasts, or newsletters.

Using several methods gives you many channels to reach potential prospects. This will compound your effectiveness and results.

Is offline seminar marketing part of your client-getting strategy?