So, which group are you in?

Those who follow the “Golden Rule”? OR those who follow the “Rule of Gold”? 

According to Michael Masterson in his excellent book, “Ready, Fire, Aim”… everyone fits into one of these two groups.  

Basically, those in the “Golden Rule” group are “Sharers” with an Abundance Mindset.

They believe wealth is something that can be expanded and shared. So, they give and share knowing that there’s more than enough to go around. They also know that if they give… it will return to them in one way or another. In other words, you reap what you sow.

Those is the “Rule of Gold” group are “Hoarders” with a Scarcity Mindset.  

They believe wealth is limited and thus must be tightly clutched and hoarded. So, when dealing with others, they scratch, claw and scheme to take and hoard as much as they can. 

Treat your clients, employees and partners as you’d like to be treated. It will pay off in more ways that one… and you’ll feel good doing it.  

And ya know what? 

If you think about it, being considerate and selfless is… in a weird way… kinda selfish 😉

In an effort to be more of a “Sharer”… I’ve decided to hook you up with a nice little gift.  

I’m giving you the chance to try Marketer’s Club for 2 full weeks at no charge. That’s right my Abundant-Minded friend. You get to “kick the tires” for 14 days and try it out before spending one cent.  

So, act now and delay not… 

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Josh Ford

Jesus was the man.

His teachings reach far beyond “religion” and “church stuff”.

I know mentioning Jesus isn’t “politically correct” and not
trying to get all “spiritual” on you, but…

I’ve actually had pretty interesting conversations with atheists who at least acknowledge that what Jesus taught and represented was good, positive and, in many respects, worth modeling for us human folk.

Maybe they wouldn’t agree with the eating of his flesh and singing hymns and all that.  

But… to be helpful, considerate and respectful to others…  Yeah, those are things I think we can all get onboard with.

You’ve probably heard of “The Golden Rule”.

This was Jesus’ teaching to: “Do unto others what you’d have them do unto you.”  Basically, treat people how you like to be treated.

I don’t know anyone who’d argue with this philosophy.  Other than maybe some crazy sociopath who feasts on the blood of wild animals and sleeps hanging upside down.

I know this doesn’t apply to you, but there are some advisors out there who willingly violate their fiduciary duty for the sake of pocketing a few extra bucks.

As you can image this doesn’t make me all warm and fuzzy.  Actually, it kinda ticks me off.  No, I have to be honest… it REALLY ticks me off!

I’m not saying this from some “holier than thou” standpoint.  No.  I’ve just had similar things happen to me or someone I care about. 

This is a major violation of The Golden Rule.

Why not take a long-term mutually beneficial approach instead?

An approach that lets you build a strong base of satisfied loyal clients who provide you with a predictable sustainable foundation. 

An approach that lets you sleep soundly at night because you know you’re doing your level best to do right by your clients.  Clients who are entrusting you with managing their hard-earn assets.

Again, I know this doesn’t apply to you, but there may be an advisor or two reading this who needs a little “guilt trip” to get them to change their wicked ways.  To abstain from there nightly routine of slithering off into the forest in the dark of the night in search of their next victim. 

Heck, I know none of us is perfect… and Lord knows I’m not perfect either.

It’s easy to slip into the “dead zone” of compromise once in awhile.  The world presents temptations and obstacles all around us.

So, let’s give our best effort to do right by our clients.

I know that’s my plan with my new pilot coaching program Marketer’s Club.

The launch date is quickly approaching.   Snag your spot on the waiting list here:

Josh Ford