I remember the first time a prospect said “No”. 

I fought valiantly with my words.  Tried to win them over with fact and figures.  

Problem was…

I did most the gabbing.  

You’d thought I loved the sound of my own voice. Probably did.  

Wonder Wife tells me I have a very soothing voice.  It must be true cause I can’t count the number of times I put her to sleep during a late night chat 😉  

Anywho hee ha…

Back to my brutal defeat.  

I picked myself up, scratched my head wondering what I did wrong.  After a few more knock-downs it started sinking in.  I wasn’t engaging the prospect.  I didn’t ask enough questions.  I was unfamiliar with a “battle-tested” approach that works like a lucky charm.

What’s that approach? 

Consultative selling my friend.  Consultative or “Question-Based” selling.  

If you’d like to boost your closing rate… and engagement of affluent prospects… then this approach is right up your alley. 

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Josh Ford

Now…why should I choose you?

Don’t you just burst and bubble over with good vibes after hearing this?

You’ve arrived in front of a prospective client.  You KNOW you can get them results… and you’re piping hot and ready to deliver.   

You thought you’ve done your best to demonstrate you’re the advisor  who’s best suited to manage their assets.  You have a solid track record.   A proven ability to grow (and protect) client assets. 


You quickly realize… they’re kinda oblivious to all this.  They still see you as another advisor or salesman in a “sea of options”.  

Not good.

Can you salvage your weak positioning?  Sure.  But it’s going to take more work and “convincing” (Ahhh! such an ugly word!). 

When you have to start convincing a prospective client that they should choose you, you’re already at a disadvantage.  You begin to come across as “needy”.   

This is a recipe for busting your booty with little chance of collecting the… well… booty (assets that is). 

Think of ways to set yourself apart.  

What makes you different?  What do you have that other advisor in your area don’t?

These are mucho importante’ for you to discover.

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Josh Ford

Picture this…

You’re sitting across from a primed affluent prospect hoping you’ve done enough to prep for the meeting.  You’ve got charts and data up the yin-yang.  

As you zealously attempt to “wow” her with metrics…

You notice her eyes begin to glaze over.  

She extends for a BIG stretch and let’s out the “yawn of death”.   She puts her right elbow on the conference table.  Places her hand under her chin.  Then, to your utter shock and amazement, you see her eyelids slowly close shut

Congrats my number-lovin friend… You’ve transformed your prospect into “the affluent walking dead”.

And, sorry to break it to ya…  But this ain’t how you win a new client into your fold. 

Are numbers a part of it?

Yes, of course. 

But that’s not how you’re going to win the client.  

Ok then Mr. Advisor Copywriter Guy…

If it’s not about the numbers, how do I win the prospect over?

I’m having a date night with Wonder Wife, so I have to go for now. 

But no need to fret… Cause like The Terminator…

“I’ll be back.” 

In the meantime, jump on the waiting list for Marketer’s Club:


Josh Ford