So, which group are you in?

Those who follow the “Golden Rule”? OR those who follow the “Rule of Gold”? 

According to Michael Masterson in his excellent book, “Ready, Fire, Aim”… everyone fits into one of these two groups.  

Basically, those in the “Golden Rule” group are “Sharers” with an Abundance Mindset.

They believe wealth is something that can be expanded and shared. So, they give and share knowing that there’s more than enough to go around. They also know that if they give… it will return to them in one way or another. In other words, you reap what you sow.

Those is the “Rule of Gold” group are “Hoarders” with a Scarcity Mindset.  

They believe wealth is limited and thus must be tightly clutched and hoarded. So, when dealing with others, they scratch, claw and scheme to take and hoard as much as they can. 

Treat your clients, employees and partners as you’d like to be treated. It will pay off in more ways that one… and you’ll feel good doing it.  

And ya know what? 

If you think about it, being considerate and selfless is… in a weird way… kinda selfish 😉

In an effort to be more of a “Sharer”… I’ve decided to hook you up with a nice little gift.  

I’m giving you the chance to try Marketer’s Club for 2 full weeks at no charge. That’s right my Abundant-Minded friend. You get to “kick the tires” for 14 days and try it out before spending one cent.  

So, act now and delay not… 

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Josh Ford

What heights would Rocky have reached without Coach Mickey?

Sure Rocky was determined, but Mickey chiseled that raw determination into greatness.

He needed a Mickey in his corner to train, guide and push him to rise above the doubts and obstacles facing him. Not only the challengers who wanted to defeat him… but the self-doubt and psychological obstacles too.

I’m fired up at the chance to coach you and see you flourish into a prize-fighting advisor who zooms past $100mm in AUM.

At least this is my vision for every advisor who gets into Marketer’s Club.

What’s Marketer’s Club?

Marketer’s Club is my new pilot coaching membership… AND  your chance to work directly with me on your marketing campaigns.   You ALSO get access to a growing library of direct-mail and digital marketing resources.

Since it’s a new pilot service, and since I want to help as many advisors as possible,  I’m opening the doors at the lowest membership fee in the biz… but only for this pilot launch.

What are ya waiting for?

Jump in today and let’s see what we can accomplish together.

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Josh Ford

You just launched a couple new marketing campaigns.

Every step of the process is mapped out.  You’re getting more qualified prospects than you can handle… and you’re loving it.

You think to yourself, “with these results… why’d I wait so long to start marketing my business? At this rate I could’ve surpassed $100mm in AUM years ago.”

This is an all too common response from advisors who are finally marketing their business the right way. They want to “kick themselves” for procrastinating and not acting sooner.

I know I’ve been here many times.

I was an expert at turning molehills into mountains, which kept me from taking action.

If this is where you are… you don’t need to continue doing this. You can decide it’s finally time to invest in marketing your business.

I’ll even help you get started on the right foot and to navigate the rough waters along the way through my new Marketer’s Club Advanced Coaching Membership.

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Josh Ford