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The 4-Hour Workday… REALLY?

This may seem impossible.   Yet, many high-achievers work only 3-4 hours per day.  Peak performers like: Stephen King (Do I really need to say?) Eugene Schwartz (Top Copywriter of his era) Gary Keller (Founder of the largest Real Estate company in US: Keller Williams Realty International) and many others including top athletes, musicians and artists… In […]

The Golden Rule vs. The Rule of Gold

So, which group are you in? Those who follow the “Golden Rule”? OR those who follow the “Rule of Gold”?  According to Michael Masterson in his excellent book, “Ready, Fire, Aim”… everyone fits into one of these two groups.   Basically, those in the “Golden Rule” group are “Sharers” with an Abundance Mindset. They believe […]