JOSH FORD Financial Advisor Marketing CopywriterJosh Ford
Affluent Marketing Strategist, Coach &
Copywriter (a.k.a. “The Advisor Copywriter Guy”)

I launched AMS in 2005 with help from friend and financial-industry titan Jason Wenk (Founder of FormulaFolio Investments and Retirement Wealth Advisors).   

While working at RWA we raised over $100 million in AUM from marketing campaigns we worked on together.  I assisted with:

  • digital marketing campaigns
  • seminar marketing campaigns
  • direct-mail campaigns
  • copywriting projects
  • client follow-up processes
  • appointment setting
  • client support
  • client account reporting
  • client file management
  • product development
  • filming & editing
  • web development
  • media productions
  • and more… 

These marketing strategies have helped advisors raise over $2 billion in AUM… and played a role in helping FormulaFolio Investments become the fastest growing RIA in the US

I now use my marketing experience, knowledge and skills to coach other advisors in attracting new leads, appointments and clients through seminar, direct-mail and digital marketing strategies. 

Effective Marketing

Without a strong marketing plan many financial planners feel forced to sell only high-commission products, which leads to a very powerful addiction; the addiction to making easy money at the expense of the investor.  We believe that financial advisors should be determined to give the best financial advice for their clients and to not fall into the trap of greed and dishonesty.

We aim to help financial advisors find monetary success by doing what is most advantageous for their clients. Through effective financial advisor seminar marketing, direct mail marketing and client contact; Advisor Marketing Systems members will have a steady stream of interested and highly qualified potential clients.

Ethical Client Management

Investors need access to an advisor like you…

An advisor with your client’s best interest in mind.  An advisor with a long-term win-win-win attitude (I threw in the third “win” cause it’s always nice to get that extra win).

Good advisors deserve clients who treat them well.  

If you’re doing a solid job managing your client’s account… I hope they appreciate you.  If not, they don’t deserve to work with you. Period. 

This is the only way to build a sustainable business.  A business you love, take pride in and even sell one day for a handsome sum. 

With direct-response marketing (digital marketing, seminar marketing, direct-mail marketing, etc.)… you’ll attract qualified investors and position yourself as a trusted partner.  

This is how you’ll build a $100 million AUM business.  You’ll attract investors you like and enjoy working with. (Not energy draining clients who treat you like a commodity). 


The mission of Advisor Marketing Systems is to teach, coach, and assist financial advisors in growing their practices through the proven materials and strategies found in our financial advisor marketing systems.

All of the advisor marketing materials and strategies found in our marketing information are a direct bi-product of several booming fee-based and fee-only financial planning and asset management firms.

We provide articles, content, and marketing systems that are aimed to provide financial advisor marketing solutions, strategies, coaching, tools, materials, and ideas for you to use in your financial practice or (RIA) Registered Investment Advisory Practice to increase your assets under management by $20 Million or more per year.