This may seem impossible.  

Yet, many high-achievers work only 3-4 hours per day. 

Peak performers like:

  • Stephen King (Do I really need to say?)
  • Eugene Schwartz (Top Copywriter of his era)
  • Gary Keller (Founder of the largest Real Estate company in US: Keller Williams Realty International)
  • and many others including top athletes, musicians and artists…

In fact, Gary Keller in his phenomenal book “The ONE Thing” recommends blocking off 4 hours a day to devote to your most important work.

How can you get away with working only 4 hours a day? 

The key is to make sure you’re intensely focused on your top priority task in these 4 hours.   During this time you’re only working on what matters most and what will have the greatest impact on your business.  

So this means NO Facebook (except for Facebook marketing), NO email (again… except for Email Marketing), NO reading non-essential stuff, etc.  

Minimize distractions and dial-in to your most important work. You’ll be amazed by how you get more done with less stress. 

One of your top priorities is MARKETING.  Getting new leads, new clients and growing your business.

Which, I’m happy to say… is what we focus on in Marketer’s Club.  

Head here to join Marketer’s Club and let’s work on getting you more leads and new clients: 

Josh Ford